Just a short list that represents some of the many people we would like to say thank you to.







Mary Jo

Jason & Kristen Ward

Star Farm Studio

Spencer & Tammy Hart

MOJO Coffee

Steve J.

Dusty Silvester

Josh Hatton

John & Diane Dow

Rick Flannery

Rick Amsberry

Merrill Clark

Ray & Sidna Adams

Michael Schoenfeld

Sam Goldstein

Kelsey Jincks

Tracy Meinecke

Dream Team

Dr. Brian Hendricks

Robbie Marks

Jen Kehl

Sharon Cox

Andrea Shumate

Steve Wintz

Kenny & Karla Meinke

Bill & Kila Boyle

Westend Studios - Kansas City, KS

Track Records - Hollywood, CA

SWHS '67

Graceland University

University of Central Missouri


John Kile - Down Home Web Solutions

Dives & Diners Everywhere

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The Morticians with their hall of fame plaques

The Fabulous Morticians inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.

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Hall of Fame Plaque

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