Larry Pollard

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Larry’s love of music and desire to play an instrument came from his parents. Early in life he listened to big band and jazz. That transitioned to rock. Early in high school Larry and buddy, John Dow started a rock group called The Reflections along with two other high school classmates. Eventually when The Morticians offered Larry the opportunity to drum for them he went. When The Morticians decided to “retire” he played for three other bands and spent time back on the road. He played in bands that opened for The Who, Beach Boys, Paul Revere and other national acts before starting his own band in 1972, with Jack Cave, another Mortician. Union Station performed from 1972 until 1989. When The Morticians were “exhumed” it was back to playing again. Larry and wife Kiera own and live on their ranch in Mercer County, Missouri. Larry is always willing to accommodate fans as witnessed in the pictures below.

 Larry on the drums

Larry signing autographs

Larry still signing autographs


John Hatton is the one Mortician that decided to make music his profession. As one of the go to bassists in the United States among professional musicians his accomplishments are many. Check John’s web site to learn about his career. www.johnnyhatton.com

 John Hatton photo


 Ned on the drums

Ned was the original drummer at the band’s beginning in 1964. Ned entered the military and did not make the move from Iowa to Missouri.

When Ned returned to Graceland after his service in the Air Force he started another successful band named Family Fat. When The Morticians were “exhumed” in Ned’s words, the Morticians started using 2 drummers. Known as Dr. Bones, Ned now lives in Ohio.


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The Morticians with their hall of fame plaques

The Fabulous Morticians inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.

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Hall of Fame Plaque

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